Your photographs and concept for them is incredibly beautiful and inspiring. It made me reflect on my own experience with nudity, art, and friends. The first time I posed nude for a friend was in college. She needed a model for drawing. It was scary but liberating to sit with her in my dorm room naked while she drew me, but gradually, it started to feel natural and sweet.

Later, when she asked me to pose for her whole class (she was the TA) it took the experience to a whole other level! I was standing fully nude in front of an entire class of my peers while they studied me and drew me. It gave me a rush, and then I settled into it just as I did with my friend and it became very peaceful.

It’s been a while… I haven’t done anything like that since I started feeling “not young,” but I think it would be a good experience, especially with a photographer/collaborator with the intentionality and thoughtfulness that you have. Bodies are beautiful in their natural state and your photos truly do emphasize their beauty.

Polyamorous and sex-positive essayist, poet, and over-thinker.