Tantric Sex Writing: Responses to Pussy Pleasureland

A compilation of all my writing related to my Tantric sex class, updated regularly

Anne Shark
4 min readOct 26, 2021


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Week one: Deepest Desire

In this story I write about my first Pussy Pleasureland Tantra class. I share a bit about my sexual history of having had great sex in the past, but how I’m currently not getting the sex I desire.

In the first class, we are walked through a practice to discover our deepest desires. I’ll give you a clue — mine has to do with sex.

Week Two: Love Is The Foundation

I loved this practice and return to it over and over! I’m always reflecting on the relationship between love and sex, and this week’s practice has given me a lot of clarity around that relationship.

Hint: the key is self-love. I also wrote this related piece: What Does “Self-Love” Actually Mean?

Week Three: Sacred Sexual Embodiment

Immediately following this class, I was inspired to write a poem. This hasn’t happened in ages! But poetry has a way of encapsulating an experience…

Week Four: Fundamentals Of Tantric Sex

(Combining tantra with a Shamanic journey)

I was feeling stuck in my head and a little resistant to the practice this week. I did a Shamanic Journey to help process what was holding me back. In this piece, I share the journey and relate it back to the tantra work.

Week 5: Trauma Release Practice with a glass dildo

I wondered might come up, if it would be emotionally or physically painful or uncomfortable — but it turned out to be very loving, gentle, and extremely arousing.”

In this piece, I share the experience of using a glass dildo for the first time.

Week 6 & 7: Emergence of the Primal and Integrating Into Wholeness

“I danced between my inner shadow self and her external reality.

I danced between my critical self-judgement and the conviction that I deserve to have all of me heard.

I danced between what I needed to reveal and what I was afraid might be too much for anyone to witness.”

A lyric essay about embracing the primal self and integrating that more complete being.

Week 8: Awakening Sexual Energy

“What I noticed most with these practices (besides very sore legs the day after doing the yoga) is the way my mind opened up. I wasn’t actively thinking, but revelatory understandings came to me with absolute clarity and certainty.”

Week 9: Orgasmic Reality Meditation & Exploring Energy in Sex

This week is all about orgasm… so I wrote about not having an orgasm. What can I say? It’s fun to withhold…

And then I wrote about having an orgasm but in a slightly different way than you might expect…

Week 10: Freedom To Thrive

This is a somewhat messy exploration of what it means to belong, shucking perfectionism while I’m at it.

I share my experience of finding the feeling of belonging inside my body, bringing it to the parts that most need to feel it, and allowing my intuition to take the next steps.

I separate myself from those who don’t nurture my highest good and give energy instead to those who do.

Week 11: Transforming Your Identity & Sex Magic For Your Identity

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